About us

Bringing you products that love you back...

The idea for 'The Vine of Life' took root with a chance encounter in
2017 on a Chicago ride-share trip between Elizabeth Jones, founder of
U.K. based 'Real Good Ketchup' and Ash Lima of Avalon Midwest. 

Elizabeth developed the 'Real Good Ketchup' range because she wanted to provide healthy, low sugar & salt, allergen-free alternatives for her
son and numerous other people with health requirements. Made in the United
Kingdom, these delicious, artisan condiments are produced in small batches
and hand-finished.

'Real Good Tomato Ketchup' and it's 'Smokey BBQ' partner were born out
of a need to bring no-sugar added, low-sodium, non-GMO, allergen-free
ketchup alternatives to British and Irish shelves to aid folks with
allergies, diabetes and those wanting to reduce sugar and salt. 
It also proved to be a fun way that people with diets such as Keto, Paleo and
Vegan found a great ketchup to bring back to a healthier home!

Ash, a diabetic, found his purpose and decided to bring 'Real Good
Ketchup', 'RGK' as it's fondly known on the Continent, to North American
shores through his online health food store , and this passion is now live at www.thevineoflife.com 
Avalon Midwest, Inc., trading as 'The Vine of Life' is the appointed
online distributor for the Real Good Ketchup based in the Midwest
region with delivery across the United States for now and with time to Canada and Mexico.

If you are a store in the Midwest and would like to stock 'Real Good Ketchup'
on your shelves, send us a line here ashvin@avalonmidwest.com , we wold love to hear from you.
The vine of Life is also now live on the Amazon platform and ‘www.thevineoflife.com’ from where you can order ‘RGK’ directly.
It is also in the process of making its way to Independent boutique stores in the Chicago region and the Greater Midwest through a distribution channel real soon.
Watch this space!